Business software

Functional and user-friendly business software allows you to conveniently manage all of your business processes.

In co-operation with carefully selected partners, we primarily develop and implement business management software in the fields of retail and service. Our omnichannel solutions facilitate business operations on all channels and in all forms of service. We implement business software based on the concept of convenience retail and the needs related to experiential retail while generating ideas concerning health retail.

An appropriate complete solution often consists of several different integrated programs. Clients often want one software solution that does it all, but these large and powerful solutions frequently prove too complicated to use and upgrade. On the other hand, implementing too many different software solutions carries risks related to the abundance of integrations, while making the life of users difficult due to the variety of interface designs. By considering the logically separable business processes in the field, we are able to take as few different software modules as possible and integrate them into a single complete solution. 


Sales and warehouse management for retail chains

Sales and warehouse management software for convenience store chains. The main modules of the software are product and price lists, orders and warehouse management, and customers and promotions.


Business management software

Multifunctional modular software platform for managing the business operations of companies. A complete solution that covers both customer service and sales processes as well as company-internal business processes.

VisualStore POS

VisualStore is an All-In-One POS platform that can be tailor-made for different segments of the retail sectors - including groceries, electronics, department stores, lifestyle stores and shop-in-shop solutions. VisualStore makes it easy to manage both single stores and whole store chains.


Retail Optimization Software

Artificial Intelligence based platform that analyzes historical data and market trends, allowing retailers to optimize different processes – from demand forecasting and supply chaing management, to workforce optimization, space planning and developing pricing and advertising strategies.


Omnichannel retail software

The omnichannel complete solution consists of 52RETAIL and 52eSELLER, which allow, among other things, the possibility to set personalised prices and discounts at the same time on all channels and to prepare offers based on customers’ consumption habits.


Mobile workstation 

Software which runs on Android handheld terminals that supports the store’s business processes by simplifying a variety of operations, including the receipt of goods, order preparation, price checking, inventory-taking, and other such store-specific operations.


Property management software 

Management software as a web service that simplifies building management operations and the division of administrative costs between tenants.