POS hardware

No matter how good the software is, it cannot be operated without reliable hardware. 

The workload to which a shop assistant’s workstation is subject as well as the related speed and reliability requirements are considerably higher than for standard office workstations. When your budget is limited, we never recommend looking for savings in places that are vital for your company’s cash flows. Instead, allow us to turn to our partners, who are the best manufacturers in the field, and find a reliable complete solution for you.


Everything you need for a self-service system: scanning units, complete self-checkouts, accessories, and extension modules.

Datalogic Joya

handheld terminals

Toshiba System 7

self-service system

POS terminals

Carefully designed POS terminals provide maximum reliability and enable optimal use of space.

Toshiba TCx800

Toshiba T10

Toshiba TCx300


Keyboards that can be programmed as permitted by the POS software and can withstand hundreds of thousands of keystrokes. 

Toshiba keyboards

Tipro keyboards

Customer-facing displays

Minimalist two-line or larger LCD displays for displaying purchase details to customers.

Toshiba TCx Display

Toshiba SurePoint Display

Toshiba 2x20 Display


Fast and durable scanners for a variety of tasks, which ensure correct data entry.

Handheld Scanners

On-counter scanners

Scale & scanner combinations

Receipt printers

Receipt printers with different compatibility options are still needed in stores, as it is not always possible to use electronic receipts.

Epsoni printers

Toshiba receipt printers

Handheld terminals

Multifunctional and ergonomic handheld terminals for mobile workstations that make information processing faster and more efficient. 

Memor K

Memor 10

Memor 20

Skorpio X5

Cash drawers

The safe handling of cash requires drawers compatible with the POS system which open automatically only when the customer opts for cash payment.

Anker cash drawers

Metapace cash drawers

Toshiba cash drawers